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Drancy is a commune in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, France. It is located 10.8 km. (6.7 miles) from the center of Paris.


The name Drancy comes from Medieval Latin Derenciacum, and before that Terentiacum, meaning "estate of Terentius", a Gallo-Roman landowner.


In the 17th century, Drancy was divided into two distinct villages: Drancy le Grand and le Petit Drancy. The district of the Village Parisien is built on the old location of the hamlet of Groslay which was surrounded by the forest of Bondy — hence the name of the rue des bois de Groslay.

WWII concentration camp

During the second world war, Drancy was the site of the Drancy deportation camp where Jews, Gypsies, and others were held before being shipped to the German concentration camps.
In 1976, the Memorial to the Deportation at Drancy was created by sculptor Shelomo Selinger to commemorate the French Jews imprisoned in the camp.




Part of the commune form the canton of Drancy. The other part belongs to the canton of Le Bourget.


Drancy is served by Drancy station on Paris RER line B.

Twin Town

flagicon United Kingdom Willenhall
flagicon Germany Eisenhüttenstadt
flagicon Senegal Gorée

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